On Foot

On Foot
Just kick it!
Image: Courtesy dunkxchange

On Foot / Collect anything as a kid? Baseball cards? Pogs? Pokémon? For some of us, the cult-classic collection of basketball sneakers–better known as “kicks”–dominated our closets and loose cash. And now, the membranes of sneaker heads from across the Islands are preparing to go on overload as Dunkxchange, the popular “buy, sell and trade” sneaker symposium comes to Loft In Space next Monday.

Dunkxchange’s story began when co-owner Gary Hughes got scammed trying to buy the same Nikes three times on eBay. And his partner, Curtis Brown, a former Hawaii resident who attended Roosevelt High School and BYU Hawaii, says he’s bringing his passion for kicks back to the city that inspired him.

“I wanted to bring what I had built back to a place where I started to collect,” says Brown. Recently cutting his own collection from 600 to 400 pairs of shoes, Brown says he hopes the buzz never ends. “The event has grown so much over the last seven years. We went from a show in Brea, California, 12 times a year with about 150 people per month to doing 54 to 60 shows a year, and with over 4,000 people in certain cities.”

While the opportunity to scoop up rare and collectible kicks is the core attraction, the event also serves as an urban music, dance and fashion festival. And the hype has caught the attention of MTV, MSNBC and . . . the History Channel? Add the Weekly to that media mix.

Loft In Space, 831 Queen St., Mon., 8/27, 1pm– 7pm, $10, $20 VIP, all ages.