On film

On film
Get your app on.
Image: Courtesy Hawaii Filmmakers

On film / We’re entering the autumnal season of all things HIFF, and this year’s 32nd annual Hawaii International Film Festival is riding in on a lot of hype, with 219 films total, including 97 narrative features, 34 docs and 88 shorts from 43 countries.

But for those foaming at the mouth for a fall flick and unable to wait until Oct. 11, this is a perfect time to introduce the Hawaii Filmmakers App.

Available for free through Apple’s App Store, Hawaii Filmmakers contains seven films made by seven award-winning local filmmakers “who tell stories that inspire, entertain and inform us about the rich complex diversity of Hawaii’s multicultural society,” says Jeannette Paulson Hereniko, president of Asia Pacific Films and founding director of HIFF from 1981 to 1996.

After downloading the free app, cinephiles can stream each film for 15 days for $3.99.

“These particular films are made by outstanding filmmakers whose important work deserves to be spotlighted,” says Hereniko, who also curated the collection, including works by Eddie Kamae, Keala Kelly, and Stephanie Castillo.

Brian Dote, founder of Tapiki LLC, a Hawaii-based iPhone game design and development company, has more than 15 years experience in app development and is the brains behind the app.

“New technologies allow filmmakers to leapfrog over traditional distributors so their work can be seen more easily by the masses,” he says. “An app is one cool way to do this.”

The app includes the following films: Chief, directed by Brett Wagner; Patsy Mind: Ahead of the Majority, directed by Kimberlee Bassford; Miss South Pacific: Beauty and the Sea, produced by Teresa Tico; Noho Hewa: The Wrongful Occupation of Hawaii, directed by Anne Keala Kelly; Strangeleand; My Mother’s War Bride Story, directed by Stephanie J. Castillo; and others.