On history

On history
Girls inside the dressing room of the Lexington Hotel
Image: Hawaiian Room Collection, Hula Preservation Society

On history / The Hawaiian Room at The Lexington Hotel was a popular New York City attraction that opened in 1937. You can probably guess what it looked like: island scenes of another era, windy colors as rich and vibrant as the Hawaiian music and hula that breathed on stage. At the time, it was a must-see off-Broadway show, and its 30-year run received rave reviews.

For decades its animated history rested in dusty chiffoniers from Raleigh to Spokane. But now, through September 21, visitors can take in the hotel lighting and island-to-island sounds in an exciting exhibition at the Honolulu Hale. The Hawaiian Room: Dine, Dance, Romance, The Lexington, is a multi-media exhibit featuring newspaper clippings, oral histories of those islanders who made New York City their second home while performing at the hotel, as well as telling photographs and videos.

This is the time to take in a piece of history rarely remembered.

Honolulu Hale, 1000 Fort St., Mezzanine level (outside City Council Chambers), open Mon.–Fri., 7:45am–4:30pm. Through 9/21