Island Wise

Last Friday’s RAW fashion show at Vice Nightclub represented some of the best in HI fashion.
Image: Shantel Grace

This was no pheromone party. I mean, there were clothes, and there were singles, but the only ones sniffing their way to love at last week’s RAW Fashion Show were the people outside looking for Paparazzi.

I expected to feel like I was dating myself at the Miami-themed nightclub located on the second floor of Ward Center. But Vice Nightclub surprised the heck out of me, and as it turns out, was the ideal spot to host an event like RAW, where artists, models, musicians and photographers gathered for an ensemble fashion show. So often these multi-media events are in cluttered shambles–badly organized and ineffective in every way. But RAW’s circus of hula-hoop performance artists juxtaposed with booths of sailor-knot swag and Fluro swimwear by designer Lauren Kagimoto kept things humming. And Metalli Jewelry artist Lana Wharry, who says, “I believe graffiti is fine art, and design ideas which translate into metal continually flow in my head,” kept textwalkers and tweethearts busy for hours.

One standout artist was Kimberly Richert of Kai ea Hawaii Jewelry, whose incredible designs I’ll be featuring in the Made In Hawaii column in the weeks to come.

I’ll be back for another RAW deal on Oct. 12.