Island Wise

Silver bells and cockle shells? Try a yard-art upgrade.
Image: Li-Nan Ziegler

While perusing booths of pottery at the most recent Arts Fest at Kapiolani Park, I stumbled upon mushrooms. I could make a cheap joke here, but instead I’ll say that these mushrooms are just as happy and refreshing, yet much more colorful than others. They bring luck to that unfortunate pot of bleeding hearts, planted during a sentimental Sunday, nearly dead now, due to a misunderstanding of tropical growing zones.

These good-luck charms are the handiwork of artist Li-Nan Ziegler, whose tiny ceramic ‘shrooms start at just $3 and range in color from “leopard spotted gecko” to “party hat confetti cake” to “lady bug in red.” They make tender gifts for any needy garden or copper pot, where naked ladies, stinking corpse lilies and bleeding hearts may grow.

Visit her studio at 1396 St. Louis Dr., email [email: lutzel], 735-4088