Island Wise

And God said: Make scarves.
Image: Courtesy SWAGG

Remember when Diddy changed his name to “Swag?” And then the New Yorker attempted to define the term in an article called “Where’s Earl,” about the rap group Odd Future?

We’ve come to accept that the word swag is a noun, an adjective, a verb, an all-purpose expression, and now, it’s also a line of uniquely modern scarves designed by Christel Gama.

Sales from her company, SWAGG, began at her church, then coasted to Facebook and over the Koolau to island boutiques, and then cruised across the Pacific to Japan and chilly folks on the Mainland.

“I generated the idea one day while browsing Pinterest,” Gama says, “but the style of the scarf was different. I had no intentions of making it into a business.”

But it did turn into a business–a successful one–and during a fashion event a few weeks, ago her scarves swaggered off shelves and into the handbags of Honolulu’s most devoted followers of haute couture.

“Everyone has a unique gift,” she adds, humbly acknowledging praise of her work and the success of her business. “I believe if you give the world your best, the best will come back to you.”

More GILT, less Etsy, her scarves are modern yet handmade, colorful yet contained, and you can find them at Global Village in Kailua, starting at just $20.

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