Island Wise

Beak McFlaps off to spread the arts
Image: Courtesy Art Truck Hawaii

Adair Hill, owner and creator of Art Truck Hawaii, believes art should be accessible and affordable. That’s why he started Big Banyan, a website that sells unique local, global and student artwork. “We needed a truck to deliver these things,” Hill says, “[so] why not make the truck the store?”

You might’ve noticed the decked-out artmobile cruising around Oahu the past few weeks. Don’t be shy–check it out. The Art Truck sets up around town with artwork on display to draw attention to the already eye-catching vehicle. Come inside and browse–you just might find something you like.

“[I want] people to walk off with a piece of art to remember Hawaii,” Hill says, as many of the paintings (only two-dimensional art fits in the truck) are island-themed.

Artists who want to sell their work through the truck can apply online. “I haven’t turned anyone down yet. I can’t tell what people are going to buy, and whatever sells, sells.”

Hill wants the truck to be at least half-full of local art, especially by students, and hopes to one day be able to ship the truck to the other Islands. Look for Art Truck Hawaii at the next Honolulu Night Market on Oct. 20.

–Katrina Valcourt

[] or find them on Facebook, 672-2947