Chinatown Bubbly

Galleries / A toast to Chinatown and its multitude of art galleries is the theme of the High Noon Champagne Gallery Tour, hosted by The ARTS at Marks Garage. This neighborhood can be daunting to navigate, especially when exploring solo. Thankfully, there are folks like Garrick Paikai, who know their stuff, and can guide the rest of us.

As artistic director for On The Spot Improv, which also showcases at the ARTS, Paikai is well-accustomed to the Chinatown scene, and offers his experience to those who take the tour. It starts at the ARTS, then wraps its way around to four or five different galleries in the Honolulu Arts District, offering exclusive meet-and-greets with some of the artists. Each month, the tour stops by different exhibits. This month’s tour will include the Pegge Hopper Gallery, Louis Pohl Gallery, and The Human Imagination.

And as the tour name declares, there will be a high noon drink break (sparkling wine or soda), paired with chocolates.

The ARTS at Marks Garage, 1159 Nuuanu Ave., Sat., 10/13 (every second Saturday), noon–1pm, $10 (cash/check only), [], 521-5903