On Stage and Online

On Stage and Online
The people behind the pixels
Image: Courtesy Hitting the Stage

On Stage and Online / Ever see a play, musical or performance and either liked or disliked it so much you wanted to share your thoughts–in writing people would actually see? Your moment has arrived. Hitting the Stage (HTS) is the new virtual home for all things theater-related in Hawaii, including reviews, press releases, interviews, behind-the-scenes gossip, and yes, critical insights from the community.

The site could not have appeared at a more fortuitous time, given the fact that the island’s largest daily newspaper recently decided to review only one show per theater per season.

“We’re in uncharted territory as far as Hawaii’s theater scene and reviews are concerned,” said HTS Director and cofounder Troy M. Apostol. “Hopefully HTS can contribute in a positive way. Everyone must have a say.”

Everyone and every show. So, get out there and become a critic, because you can.