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Easy Breezy
Image: courtesy Dale Hope

hi style / Some people write books. Others paint pictures. Dale Hope makes shirts.

We spoke to Hope earlier this year for our Fashion Issue in February. At the time, the author of The Aloha Shirt was working at Muumuu Heaven, renewing old shirts, reaching out to the younger generation whose interest in aloha shirts was dwindling. “Each shirt has to have a story,” he told us.

For a new collaboration, Hope teamed up with Lucky Brand Jeans to create a vintage, Hawaii-inspired line. Hope was introduced to the company through a textile friend. “[Lucky Brand] always had a spot in their hearts for Hawaii, so they were interested,” says Hope. “They came to Hawai’i and we met.”

From men’s button-down shirts to women’s tank dresses, Hope kept things fashionable but classic with colorful tropical prints for Lucky Brand customers. His favorite? A long-sleeve, printed blouse for women. Bright and breezy, the flirty shirt can be dressed up with work pants or dressed down with denim shorts for the weekend. “We worked on a vintage story this time,” says Hope. “The image of a vintage Hawaii–it’s always popular and people like it. We picked a selection of prints that’s fun . . . they go together so well with Lucky Brand’s washed-out denim.” The result is a perfect match of Hope’s aloha signature and Lucky Brand’s easy, laidback style.

So why Lucky Brand? “I like what Lucky Brand does,” says Hope. “I think they’re a very fun, progressive company and they make great clothes. I’m very pleased to be able to collaborate with them.”

Besides Lucky Brand, Hope has experience working with international company Beams. He also worked as Kahala Sportswear’s creative director for 15 years, and his book, The Aloha Shirt, set him apart as an expert on aloha shirt history.

Recently Hope went to San Francisco to film a documentary on aloha shirts, and discovered that most alohawear in vintage shops there was being bought by a younger crowd. “All the younger people are watching surf movies from the ‘60s and ‘70s, watching the surfers who are wearing the Hawaiian shirts. They’re finding and wearing the shirts, so I thought that was exciting to hear,” says Hope. He also seems happy to see that younger locals in Hawaii are also wearing the shirts. “They’re wearing them the way I used to wear them. I see them doing the same thing,” says Hope. “Companies like MuuMuu Heaven are repurposing aloha wear . . . retro is coming back.”

His next line with Lucky Brand is set to come out in the Spring of next year. ‘Til then, get trendy with his vintage line on sale at select stores or online at [luckybrand.com].