Poetry / And I knew then that you were good. And I took

everything back down to the river

in gratitude. Some people express complicated

emotions with their teeth, and imagine how

the teeth feel! Ok so I wanted

to be different. In a situation seriously lacking

imagination don’t we become less

than ourselves? Don’t we mean to pack

a shiny blue suitcase and leave it

when we board the plane? Most days I wake

up and panic my eyes out. Most days begin

on a linear trajectory toward more

embarrassed days. But often a gasp

of light. Often a landscape you rendered well

enough to eat. Wow is what I want

to internalize. You are what gently tempers

the beauty of all this sky.
Published with permission from Country Music Poetry, an online poetry journal that wants “poems that improve the culture of which you are a part.” It is edited by Scott Ables in Honolulu, [countrymusicpoetry.org].