Made in Hawai’i

Made in Hawai’i
Malia Murphey & Mahina Garcia, with the wheels and wear of ROAM
Image: Brooke Dombroski

Made in Hawai’i / There’s an ice cream truck on the North Shore that, instead of selling manapua and candy, is now driven around the Island by pretty women who sell one of a kind, hand-made surf culture-inspired art and clothes. Called ROAM Hawai’i, this vagabond collective–Marissa Eveland, Melissa Jasniy, Cassandra Rull and founder Brooke Dombroski–are doing high fashion their own way.

Dombroski says that although she’s always wanted to own a store, wanderlust kept her from staying put. “[Since] I never wanted to be tied down to a specific location, the next best thing would be to buy an ice cream truck,” she thought. Naturally. So, she set out to find one on Craigslist, and since that’s a totally possible goal to achieve in the world of online shopping, she found one, and converted it to the ROAM Truck, the mascot and headquarters for the women’s business ever since.

People all over are wearing ROAM’s stuff, due in part to their savvy reliance on social media and marketing. Dombroski says that because they’re so grassroots, formats such as Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr are intrinsic to their business. “We have absolutely no budget to hire out, so we are pushed creatively to keep producing something new and different.”

“We pretty much hand-make anything we feel inspired to make,” she adds, “which in the past has included bikinis, clutches, jewelry, dresses, graphic tees, women’s tops, pillows, journals, women’s pants, shorts and shrugs.” You can find selections on sale at their Etsy store online, and at The Human Imagination on Nuuanu Avenue.

And although they’ve been at it for two years, they’re officially launching the brand at a party at The Human Imagination on First Friday in November, where they’ll flaunt their newest line alongside some of the art that inspires it. Go browse through their clothes before you browse the globe.

In stores at The Human Imagination, 1154 Nuuanu Ave., and online at []