Sound Waves

Sound Waves
Image: l: Courtesy Quadraphonix; R: Courtesy Mountain Apple Co.

Sound Waves / Local music is more than slack key and native yodels. Here are three new releases showcasing our musicians’ boundless creativity.


Blues in the Ragas

Once the resident band for the old Havana Cubana in Chinatown, Quadraphonix blends jazz, hip hop, funk, African, latin, rock and south Asian music with ragas, or emotional Indian melodies, on their second full length release. For fans of Santana and Ravi Shankar. []


‘Ukulele Dance

‘Ukulele virtuoso Taimane Gardner debuts with a release that ranges from original compositions to some by Lalo Shifrin, Led Zeppelin and Bach. If you’ve ever seen her in concert, enjoy that energy as it’s captured here. It’s as if Eddie Vedder snorted fairy dust with a flamenco dancer. []

Johnny Helm

Banyan Tree

Helm’s EP reflects the soft, sad, acoustic singer-songwriter style that you know from his live spots in Chinatown and Waikiki, minus the emotional whip-lash from his often hilarious, wise-cracking, self-deprecating crowd work. []