Excerpt from Do One Green Thing

Excerpt from Do One Green Thing / Pesticides contaminate the soil and water, spread in the air, and kill birds, fish, amphibians and beneficial insects such as honeybees. Synthetic nitrogen fertilizers oversturate the soil and run off into waterways, causing increased proliferation of algae, which results in oxygen depletion, fish kills and oceanic dead zones.

Organic farmers are not permitted to use genetically engeneered seeds. Genetically engineered crops–corn, soy, cotton and canola–threaten seed diversity, because their pollen has been found to drift, spreading these genes to other plants. The damage is the dilution of diversity of crops, which are humankind’s seed banks against famine. Buying locally grown produce such as breadfruit, lilikoi, mangoes and apple bananas not only supports the local farmers who grow them, doing so ensures that you’re buying fruit that lacks the harmful pesticides proliferating in our global agriculture.