On Stage

On Stage
O’Malley & Co. read SPARK
Image: Courtesy Lurana Donnels O’Malley

On Stage / SPARK, by Obie Award-winning writer Claridad Svich, is a play about three sisters embroiled in the aftermath of war, dealing with such heavy topics as what happens when soldiers come home, how we carry on and the importance of family strength. SPARK is being performed all over the U.S. druing this month of Election and Veteran’s Days, and to honor women veterans as well as promote spiritual healing. Hawaii joins the movement with a free reading and panel response at UH Manoa’s Art Auditorium.

“There’s an energy of it being done in multiple places,” says Director Lurana Donnels O’Malley, who was taken with SPARKS’ idea of “being part of something larger.” She adds that Svich’s play–and the notion of performing it alongside others–really caught her attention. Her brother served in the Gulf War, so she says she feels a connection with the play, but otherwise claims not to know much about women in combat. Although more and more students come to the theater program as veterans, O’Malley admits it’s sometimes easy to stay separate from military presence. Communities don’t mix a lot, she points out. “But, it’s a huge part of life here.”

SPARK brings us an opportunity to honor our military neighbors–a comminuty from which we are sometimes too isolated.

UH Manoa Art Auditorium, 2535 McCarthy Mall, Wed., 11/14, 5pm, free