Excerpt from Do One Green Thing

Excerpt from Do One Green Thing

Excerpt from Do One Green Thing / Why organic beer? It’s better for the environment and thus our overall health, from the growing of the barley and hops without petrochemical pesticides and fertilizers, to the strict limitation on chemicals used in brewing and cleaning the factory equipment. In order to sport the USA Organic seal, a beer must have at least 95 percent organic ingredients.

Brewers, however, are permitted to use non-organic hops if they can’t get “sufficient quantities” of organic. If you want to taste a truly 95 percent organic brew, ask companies if they use organic hops, and seek out local organic microbreweries, which don’t require the quantities of hops that big national companies do.

The best, quick and easy way to find local beer is to search for a brewpub or microbrewery at [beer100.com]. You may be pleasantly surprised at all your options. Every Hawaiian Island has at least one locally made brew, an especially hopeful trend in a state that imports more than 80 percent of its food.

To find some locally, head to the Liquor Collection, where you can find a handful of brands offering certified organic brews: Eel River IPA, Bison Brewing Chocolate Stout, Fishtale’s Winter Fish and others, or better yet: Make your own, using a home brew kit from Homebrew in Paradise.

The Liquor Collection, 1050 Ala Moana Blvd., 524-8808
Homebrew in Paradise, 2646 Kilihau St., 834-2739