What to Wear

What to Wear
Image: Courtesy Blair Townley

What to Wear / At a backyard gathering, Blair Townley is wearing a black and white trucker hat with the words “Get Salty” emblazoned on the front. Everybody grins at it. It’s simple, funny, sassy, smart, and it’s got that double entendre local folks appreciate. When we ask where she got it, Townley smiles. She made it. And there’s more where that came from:

“For years, I’ve liked the phrase ‘Get Salty’ when people referred to someone copping an attitude with them, like ‘Oh, she got salty with me,’” says Townley. “I also liked the catchiness of the phrase when used to reference getting in the ocean.”

The waterwoman began racing sailboats and wanted a hat. “I couldn’t find one anywhere that didn’t just have some surf logo on it, so I decided to make a bunch for my friends and [me]. It went from there, people seeing them and asking to buy one.” Getting salty is a motto that works for adventurers of all stripes, Townley contends.

Available at Sugarcane Shop, 1137 11th Ave. Ste. 101, 739-2236; Island Divers, 377 Keahole St., 423-8222; Lanikai General Store, 130 Kailua Rd. Ste. 109, Kailua, 261-8000; Maya Bella Boutique, 35 Kainehe St. Ste. 105, Kailua, 262-3300, [getsaltyhawaii.com]