Island Wise

Image: courtesy Helemano Farms

Consider this: plants as gifts. They last for years and provide a multitude of benefits. This year, why not buy a living tree for the green-minded on your list (and yourself)? Pick up a potted Leyland Cypress tree from Helemano Farms ($30). While they’re only 3–4 feet tall right now (which may work for apartment dwellers), Leyland Cypresses can grow up to three feet in a year and offer shade, reducing the need for air conditioning. Decorate the tree with packages of seeds and you’ve got an entire yard to give away, and a proud outdoor tree to grace your yard for years to come.

Helemano Farms, Whitmore Ave. & Center St., Wahiawa, open Tue.–Fri., noon–sunset, Sat.–Sun., 10am–sunset, closed Mondays, [], 622-4287