Off the Chain

Off the Chain
Owner Devin Minardi at Holo Cycles
Image: Michael Nakasone

Off the Chain / Sculpting a new you for the New Year? Consider cycling indoors. Studies show that spinning your legs can burn more than 500 calories in less than an hour, while keeping you safe from runaway buses. At Honolulu Holo Cycling Studio in Kaimuki, a 2,000-square-foot facility dedicated specifically to indoor cycling, stationary cycles and certified trainers offer classes for any skill level. A note to trepidant newbies: One of the best perks of indoor cycling is that everybody bikes at their own speed. Riders range from first-timers to triathletes, students to CEOs, and despite their differences in age and fitness levels, nobody is left behind.

Devin Minardi, owner and one of nine instructors at the studio, says indoor cycling is a high-intensity, low-impact workout perfect for athletes of any experience. The independent control of bicycle settings allows everyone to ride together as a group, without leaving tyro cyclers behind. Without having to worry about the traffic and hazards of Honolulu streets, and pedaling under the supervision of instructors certified by organizations such as the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, Schwinn and Mad Dogg Athletics, riders may burn twice as many calories indoors than cycling on the road for the same period of time. Riders can also find distraction or encouragement via two 110-inch projection screens streaming music videos and footage of ocean or winter sports and the Tour de France.

Honolulu Holo offers classes three times a day, the most frequent being the Holo class: 45 minutes of riding followed by 15 minutes of core strengthening. New bikers can orient at the free Instructional Holo class, a 30-minute primer introducing new riders to bike setup and hand placement, while triathletes can finesse their kick at the hour-long Training Holo class. Race Holo, a 30-minute, intense, end-of-the-month class, simulates a race, while Tour Holo is 90 minutes of endurance training, simulating a tour stage. Unlike some gyms, Honolulu Holo users pay as they go. The studio offers ride packages: three rides for $45, 10 for $130 and 20 for $220, with rides expiring after six months. For the dedicated, there is a paid-monthly unlimited use package for $150. Class sign-up and bike reservations can be done online.

Honolulu Holo Cycling Studio, 3057 Waialae Ave., [], 737-8535