Summer Books 2011

Summer Books 2011


Cover image for May 11, 2011

Cover design by Joe Edmon and Matt Akiyama

Summer Books 2011 / Admit it: Books, in any myriad of form can, and probably have, influenced (or even changed) your life. This summer, the Weekly celebrates Hawaii-based scribes such as poets Nou Revilla and Jaimie Gusman, mystery writer Douglas Corleone, recent Cades Award-winner Alexei Melnick, non-fiction writer Sarah Vowell and, possibly the most well-respected travel writer of our time, Paul Theroux.

These books illuminate controversy and down-and-dirty literary texts. From experimental poetry to zines to kanaka maoli lit, this summer’s collection is validation that Hawaii’s literary community is thriving, and we feel lucky that dedicated publishers respond to compelling local literature.