Cover Story

Hold onto your haku: The results of Honolulu Weekly’s 2012 “Best Of Honolulu” Readers’ Poll and Editors’ Picks are here. The Weekly’s is Oahu’s original and oldest annual “Best Of” issue, as well as the youngest at heart.

For the first time, in honor of the Brooklynesque ascendancy of the farmers, food producers, entrepreneurs and community-minded citizenry of our Windward and North Shores, we’ve added “Country” and “Town” designations to some categories. (Yes, it also made it easier for editors to agree.)

Although, I must confess, we sort of dread compiling this big fat Honolulu lovefest, pride and happiness reign when we see the high level of reader participation in our online poll, which is not multiple choice. You have to reflect, and then type in your answer.

This is work, as anyone knows whose mind goes blank when asked what’s their favorite poem. Our readers took the time to answer the minimum of 20 questions each.

Thank you, We’re kicking off our 2012 compendium with our first-ever list of best reader’s poll ad libs. Because, obviously, you da bes’.

Best Readers’ Replies (including most sarcastic)

Best exclusive venue

“Exclusivity sucks!”

“Give me a break, this is Hawaii, not New York or LA.”

Best lei shop

“Anyone that doesn’t import flowers from Thailand.”

Best pool on Oahu

“Wherever CW throws her next pool party!”

“Why pool when you have beautiful beaches???”

Best gym

“Why gym when you have beautiful outdoors???

Best SUP store

“What does that even mean???”

Best real waterfall

“Slipping at the waterpark.”

Best beach shower

“I should go outside more.”

Worst county facilities

“Public restrooms anywhere.”

“All the beach park restroom. Nasty!”

Best place to watch the moonrise

“My bedroom window.”

Worst City Council member

“They all suck!”

Best reason not to rezone prime farmland for housing

“If the entire mainland were to be destroyed by a bomb or attacked by a monster, we would all starve.”

“You can’t eat houses!”

Best electric or hybrid vehicle


Worst proposed new landfill site

“Any! We need mo bettah recycling!!!”

Best surf film ever

“The one that doesn’t put me to sleep.”