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Rum Fire
Image: Courtesy Starwood Hawai‘i

Where to eat, drink and jam, even if you don’t want to get drunk.


Cover image for Oct 10, 2012

It’s old news that writers and therapeutic drinking are eternally self-destructive soul mates. But since working at the Weekly, I’ve become surrounded by the rare breed of writers who don’t. “Anybody know where I can get a good Red-Headed Slut?” is still met with an awkward silence. So that’s why you’ll see in this Bar Issue some other things, besides drinks with naughty names, for which our favorite bars are known. Things like food, food and food. Let us take you through the spectrum of bars around O’ahu, from the punk of Mercury to the luxe of Du Vin, so that hopefully it will be easier for you, too, to find that liquid therapy.