Cover Story


Cover image for Oct 17, 2012

Local, local, local. Here it is: Our first special issue devoted to local food, its importance, its place today and its future tomorrow.

We have an update on Honolulu’s Farmers Market scene highlighting the problems they are facing, and a comprehensive list of farmers markets. Importantly, we show you which markets allow only locally grown produce.

“Where to buy local” is a great primer on where to do everyday grocery shopping and what to look for.

Wanda A. Adams talks with Mark Noguchi about the future of Island cuisine and his new place Taste. Also, breadfruit is making a tasty comeback. In the heart of a Waianae garden is a new cafe where you can see where your salad was grown. In Waikiki is another new cafe that sources its food locally.

In other words, eating local is more than just a slogan—There are plenty of places around Oahu that make eating local easy to do.