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Cover image for Nov 28, 2012

M.I.H.: What’s it spell? Made in Hawaii has been the Weekly’s mantra since we started out as a locally made newspaper 21 years ago. But something funny happened on the way to our 2012 “Locally Made issue”–and we don’t mean Governor Abercrombie’s exhortation to “Buy Hawaii, Give Aloha” this holiday. The Gov. didn’t tell you how to find good MIH gifts, but we don’t mind stepping up to the challenge.

To our happy surprise, we discovered such a passel of beautiful locally made products that we had to break tradition by breaking up our annual MIH issue into several. Everybody wins. Look for our selection of local food & drink and practical gift ideas in next week’s issue, followed by gifts for keiki and more, on into December.

Meanwhile, this issue brings you the best in Hers and His MIH fashion.

Sing it with us: Don we now our gay apparel!