Jeff Mikulina / According to a June 2 to June 6 poll by IBOPE Zogby, participants gave these causes for global warming:

• Out of 2,376 US adults, 63 percent dismissed this spring’s severe weather as the result of harsh conditions produced by weather cycles.

• Only 26 percent believed global climate change–a critical environmental threat accepted by most scientists–as the actual cause.

• About 6 percent of the participants with religious beliefs attributed the strange weather to “a message from God.”

The poll’s margin of error is plus or minus 2.1 percent.

Jeff Mikulina, a longtime environmental activist and previously the director of The Sierra Club for 10 years, is currently the executive director of Blue Planet Foundation. He believes that Hawaii’s citizens are more aware of the seriousness of climate change. “Hawaii was the second state in the nation to enact a binding cap on greenhouse gas emissions,” he says, and stresses the importance of treating the issue as an urgent problem.

“If we wait until more people become aware of the extreme climate changes, the solutions become more difficult. We have all the solutions we need here and now.”