Former governors Waihe‘e and Cayetano listen to Gov. Abercrombieʻs speech.
Image: matthew kain

The Weekly asked former Gov. Ben Cayetano, who has been characterized by opponents in the Honolulu mayoral race as a one-issue candidate, to specify his overall goal.

“Upgrading the city’s infrastructure would be my top priority,” he replied in an email, explaining, “The difference between cities in modern nations and Third World cities is infrastructure. Upgraded sewer and water systems, good roads are infrastructure necessary for any city to prosper and grow and for its residents to enjoy a high quality of life. To its detriment, Honolulu’s infrastructure has been deteriorating.

“For example, in the Moilili-McCully area, the University of Hawaii can’t build new dorms because the sewer system there is obsolete. If it [were] upgraded, not only could UH build new dorms, private developers could build new condos and replace old buildings with new ones,” the candidate said.