With just a few months until the August primary, most of the Islands’ voting public knows that former Congressman Ed Case and current Congresswoman Mazie Hirono are vying for a Democratic run at the U.S. Senate. But as the election nears, voter focus should be on what have they’ve done as politicians in the past, and what they plan to do in the future if elected.

“That’s what this election should be about,” said candidate Ed Case at a press conference Tuesday, May 22. Case says he’s done everything possible to let voters know where he stands on the issues. He’s laid out his entire congressional record on his website as well as 10 specific agenda items outlining what he intends to accomplish as a U.S. Senator representing Hawaii . Hirono has a similar–albeit, broader–agenda on her website.

Both candidates had agreed to a scheduled debate to be hosted by the Oahu County Democrats which was postponed for “logistical reasons” according to the group. Since both candidates had already made time for the forum, Hawaii Pacific University offered to host the debate instead. Case accepted; Hirono declined.

Carolyn Tanaka, deputy campaign manager of communications for the Hirono campaign, released the following statement: “Mazie has previously announced that she looks forward to participating in five debates, an unprecedented number of debates and forums in any modern Hawaii Senate race, which includes the rescheduling of the Oahu County Democrats forum. So, we respectfully decline this offer.”

According to O’ahu County Democrats, the forum will be rescheduled, but the date hasn’t been determined. Case sees no reason to delay people’s ability to make an informed decision. “All across this country U.S. Senate candidates are having debates,” he says. “Is there some reason why Mazie is different?”