The new Moana tower will extend within 40 feet of the public shoreline.
Image: Joana Gonzalez

On July 26th, the city Zoning Board of Appealrs (ZBA) heard oral arguments in the appeal of a variance approval for Kyo-ya’s planned 26-floor tower at its Moana Surfrider Resort. Replacing the current seven-story building, it would “encroach 74.3 percent into the coast height setback and coastal setback,” according to the argument submited by petitioners’ lawyer Linda Paul. “Short term, beach access is likely to be impacted by construction of the Diamond Head Tower complex. Long term, it will disappear along with the beach because of their Sheraton-like infinity pool, deck and new wall on the certified shoreline,” Paul told the Weekly. Both sides’ conclusions of law are due in two weeks.

Meanwhile, until Aug. 22, written public comments are being accepted on an environmental assessment for a new Kuhio St. tower that would exceed 300-foot height limits in Waikiki, with its wide side facing the sea. Write Kusao & Kurahashi Inc., 2752 Woodlawn Drive, Honolulu 96822.