The National Marine Fisheries Services (NMFS) is considering a petition to remove green sea turtles in Hawaiʻi from the Endangered Species List so they can be hunted. The action would require local honu to first be designated as a Distinct Population Segment (DPS). The agency says “the petitioned action may be warranted.” To comment, visit [www.regulations.gov] before Oct. 1. Enter docket number NOAA-NMFS-2012-0154 in the search window to find the 90-day Finding on a Petition to Delist the Green Turtle in Hawaii and click on the “Submit a Comment” icon to the right of that line.

NMFS also recently released new data confirming the Hawaiʻi-based longline fishing is killing false killer whales, a type of dolphin, at an unsustainable rate. Data show the small population can sustain just nine deaths annually, but fishers are killing at least 13. The revelation comes on the heels of lawsuits aimed at forcing NMFS to place the Hawaiʻi population of false killer whales on endangered species and develop a plan to minimize fishing impacts.