Wahiawā Bridge
Image: tiffany hervey

Trapped for hours, Central Oahu motorists tweeted their frustration when Wahiawa’s Karsten Thot Bridge closed for repairs on Sept. 16.

For several weeks leading up to the closure, a police officer on each side of the bridge ensured that large vehicles over 10 tons did not cross while workers underneath the 80-year-old structure stripped away rust and concrete.

However, due to a lack of 24-hour HPD coverage, coupled with commercial vehicles violating the weight limit, the DOT shut down the bridge.

“It’s a public safety issue,” says DOT spokeswoman Caroline Sluyter. “It’s an emergency repair.”

While uninterrupted repair time would allow for a revamped bridge in six weeks, the bridge was opened on Sept. 19 for passenger vehicles and school buses in the Honolulu-bound lane from 5-9am on weekdays.