Editor's Notes

This week we offer our Sustainability Guide, Honolulu Weekly’s annual look at people, organizations and institutions working to make our community more, well, sustainable. In the past, that’s often meant a focus on environmentalism specifically, but as we all come to understand just how untenable, across the board, our society has become, we’re trying to take a little bit of a broader view. Sustainability is a far-reaching concept, but it distills simply enough: we need to make our society viable. A culture built on a deficit—be it environmental, financial, educational, artistic or otherwise—obviously can’t survive for long. This year’s guide offers tons of volunteer opportunities, profiles of sustainability-minded businesses and other resources.

Like the island itself, we only have so much room around here, and one event that didn’t make it into the guide is UH’s intruiging “Summit for Sustainable Travel in the Hawaiian Islands,” which is billed as the first in a series of workshops that will bring together a range of interested parties with the goal of eventually establishing Hawaii’s travel industry as a model of sustainable business practices.

Imin Conference Center, East-West Center, Tue 4/21, register at [www.step]-summit.roundtable[live.org], 956-3968