Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor / With those words, printed on the back page of the paper’s introductory issue in 1990, Honolulu Weekly was born. The founding idea: To build a newspaper that would tell the kinds of stories that didn’t appear anywhere else, give voice to people and issues and perspectives that had no other home and challenge the status quo by asking the questions that mattered.

As with any other endeavor, the Weekly has tasted both triumph and failure over the years. The past two years have been especially challenging as the paper fought through staffing changes, belt-tightening and the threats presented by the current economic storm. Through it all, and thanks to the contributions of many committed people, Honolulu Weekly has kept one eye trained on this city, and the other on those founding goals.

Today, we believe we’ve established a foundation on which to build something bold and new, and we’re confident that we are at the dawn of a great era in our history.

All that’s missing is you.

As we work to build a truly great newspaper, we know we can’t do it alone. At its best, Honolulu Weekly is home to voices and talents from throughout our community, from reporters to writers to photographers to artists to illustrators to designers. We have a boundless passion for telling Honolulu’s story every week. We are actively looking for people who share that passion, and who want to contribute to that effort.

We want to hear from you, whether you’re a former contributor or someone who’s wanted to participate but hasn’t known how–even if you’ve never considered us before, or aren’t sure where your talents may fit. If you believe great journalism can make a difference, we invite you to get in touch.

We intend to be Honolulu’s boldest, most innovative and most interesting newspaper every week. With your help, we’ll get there.

Please join us.