Editor's Notes

We’re defying expectations left and right this week.

Right, as in Emily Hobelmann’s Q&A with Rep. Cynthia Thielen about her trip to the White House this week. Thielen has been pressing for clean energy for a long time, and with the GOP on President Obama’s mind this week, she couldn’t have picked a better moment to talk with his advisers about wave energy in particular. The push for green power and green jobs needs more Republicans like her.

And on the left, of course, because alternative weeklies aren’t known for their business coverage–especially not their entrepreneurship coverage. With so many more local folks trying their hands at running their own businesses, it seemed like time to take a look at what resources are out there, and what lessons the professionals have learned, relevant to starting something from scratch. Margot Seeto looks at the ins and outs of Honolulu’s emerging entrepreneurial culture.

Of course, not every startup venture turns a profit–but then, not all of them are intended to. Adrienne LaFrance introduces us to a publishing house with a vision for social and personal change. And we don’t know whether Alex Sumberg asked surfboard shaper Mike Tuten about his bottom line, but with the unique and extraordinary boards he’s making these days, we hope he sticks around long enough to shape 18,000 more.

This week’s issue is also notable for something it doesn’t include: We don’t have a piece on the civil unions process. Instead, we decided to let the paper’s readers speak. As noted on the Letters page, we got more mail calling for civil unions this week than we did on any single issue in all of 2009. It probably means the pro-civil unions forces are getting more organized. Hopefully it means we’re about to get a law that ensures equality. We’ll see.

Groundhog Day is Tuesday.