Editor's Notes

This week we begin our two-part preview of the special election to fill the remainder of Neil Abercrombie’s term in Congress. On May 5, we’ll focus on the three best-known and most heavily-funded candidates. Today, we’re looking at the rest of the ballot, and at Rafael del Castillo in particular.

The Weekly is not endorsing Mr. del Castillo. We are endorsing the idea of taking serious candidates seriously, regardless of their allies, financing or experience in politics.

Until and unless there is fundamental reform of our election laws, the voter is on his or her own when it comes to reducing the influence of big money on our politics. And while we won’t be doing full-length features on every candidate in this election, we offer del Castillo as a standard-bearer of sorts, as a refutation of the idea that there are only three candidates in this 14-person race.