Editor's Notes

Our story last week about the changes in Hawaii’s journalistic landscape–and a note here about how those changes affect readers of the Weekly–brought in a strong response from readers. We so appreciate your support, and more to the point, your patience as we continue to work out the kinks in our distribution schedule.

One of the things we’ve done to help ease the transition to a late-Wednesday distribution time is to make a shift we’d been weighing since long before our printing situation changed. Beginning this week, our news, entertainment and calendar coverage will run, as we put it, “eight days a week.” This means we’ll feature events and other items of interest from Wednesday through Wednesday, in this week’s case from June 23 through June 30.

It was always a bit troublesome to us that, for example, a lecture held on Wednesday at noon would not appear in the Weekly until the morning of the event, too close to allow readers to plan. The changes can actually be clearly seen already this week, as we feature comedian Pauly Shore’s local appearance (p.14) and that of the electro hip-hop act LMFAO (p.9), both of which take place on June 30. The same same principle guides our Calendar section. We believe this change will serve readers much better than the previous format, regardless of what time the paper hits the streets on Wednesday.

Speaking of papers hitting the streets: Readers weren’t the only ones who wrote and called in droves last week. We’ve heard from several employees of both the old daily newspapers and the new one, all of them complaining about heavy-handed labor tactics from the new management at the Star-Advertiser. The concerns are coming in from both former press operators at the MidWeek press and current and former delivery people, all of them reporting reduced wages and increased workloads. We’ll look into it in the weeks to come, but it’s unlikely anything we learn will be much of a surprise.