Editor's Notes

Gosh, is election season over already? After nine months inside the spin cycle, I’m sure we’re all a little bit dizzy, which makes this a great time to talk about books. We’re happy to present our Winter 2010 books issue. It was an entirely fascinating list this year, and we hope you find our coverage worthwhile.

On our end, it’s been one milestone moment after another lately. With this issue we bid aloha to Production Manager Manny Pangilinan. Manny joined the Weekly in late 2007 and has poured his heart and energy into the paper ever since. Manny has been responsible for the layout and design of the paper and has been a key part of the team that produces the paper’s covers–as often as not, he’s designed those covers himself. He’s taking a much deserved extended break as he travels with his family to spend the rest of the year in New York, and while it’s possible he’ll be back at his desk sometime next year, we’d be remiss if we missed a chance to thank him for his contributions over the last three years. Aloha, Manny.

This issue also brings my run as editor to a close. Everyone should be so lucky as I have been these past two-and-a-half years: To do this job is to develop a relationship with this place, and with the community we have made here, that I’m not sure is available any other way.

My sincere thanks to everyone at the Weekly for doing whatever it takes–and it takes a lot–to produce this paper every week. I am especially grateful to former editor Lesa Griffith and former managing editor Adrienne LaFrance, both of whom, in different ways, made this adventure possible for me. Publisher Laurie Carlson gave me the opportunity of a lifetime, for which I will always be thankful.

And I want to thank readers, for your support and patience and criticism–for all of it, and most of all for your interest. It has been an honor to serve as editor of a paper that means so much to so many passionate, concerned, curious people in this community. I know I speak for the rest of the staff–past, present and future–when I say that we deeply appreciate your support and your trust. I hope we’ve proved ourselves worthy.

Thank you, as always, for reading.