Editor's Notes

In the April 20, 2011 article “The Foreclosure Fiasco,” we erroneously stated that 1) attorney Marvin S.C. Dang, who served as vice chair of the Hawaii Mortgage Foreclosure Task Force, was a lobbyist for Bank of America but did not publicly disclose this fact when he was asked to serve on the task force and that 2) Dang sent letters to BofA execs to announce he is lobbying the House and Senate for the bank.

Dang says he is the lobbyist for the Hawaii Financial Services Association, a local trade association for local and mainland lenders, and became involved with BofA on foreclosure issues in February, seven months after he became vice chair of the task force.

We apologize for these errors.

Dang’s March 1 letter to state Legislators announced that BofA was a new member of HFSA and that David Swartley, BofA’s senior vice president & Manager for state and local government relations, would be stopping by the capitol that week. Dang accompanied Swartley to all 76 legislative offices while Swartley passed out cards listing his toll-free number to be used exclusively by public officials to contact him directly in regards to concerns about the bank. We have asked the Hawaii State Ethics Commission to clarify the appropriateness of this action under the State Ethics Code, Chapter 84, (HRS).