Editor's Notes

In the April 27 Honolulu Diary, we erroneously misquoted Hawaii Supreme Court Justice Mark Rectenwald in his first speech to the 2011 Legislature. It should have read: “There are many more people facing eviction, collections actions, foreclosures, loss of jobs or benefits and related problems such as divorce or domestic violence,” said Rectenwald, who identified a common theme facing “broadened expectations” of the judiciary: Our citizens want a justice system that works to resolves disputes in a timely and fair manner.

The following should have been attributed to Maui homeowner Jade L. Brown, who may be facing foreclosure: “There are increasing reports around the country of wrongful foreclosures. It is especially important to protect our citizens from fraudulent practices.” Brown referred to states that have passed comprehensive legislation and seen dramatic reductions in foreclosures. “I want to express that this is personal for me. Our home is a sacred meeting place for friends, family and community–not a game piece on a Monopoly board. Why I’ve chosen to make Hawaii my home is that I am joined with fellow stewards of the land. Our love of this land is greater than the greed of Wall Street.”

We apologize for these errors.