Editor's Notes

It’s fitting that our cover story about the Disney Kingdom’s first Hawaii development, Aulani at the Ko Olina Resorts, hits newsstands during the week of Columbus Day–our national holiday in honor of the myth that America was discovered in 1492. In these Islands, where westernization nearly wiped out the indigenous people who remain our poorest, unhealthiest, least educated citizens after more than 200 years, the groundbreaking of a new luxury resort is usually viewed as enriching corporate interests in the name of economic benefits that never seem to reach those who need it most.

This time, in light of Disney’s efforts to get Hawaii culture right and do right by the community, there’s good reason for hope, according to Waianae residents and others interviewed by Matthew Kain, who started the story with the expectation of uncovering colonial missteps and admits he was pleasantly surprised, which is a relief to anyone who was ever a child.