Editor's Notes

Dear Friends,

I am happy to report that, thanks to your kokua, the Weekly has paid the Star Advertiser in full.

We received more than 200 donations via PayPal, snail mail and even envelopes slid under our office door, many including uplifting notes of praise and encouragement. We raised over $23,000 in loans and donations Anything beyond what we owed the Advertiser will be used to help with other ongoing expenses.

The diversity of donors was impressive, including top state officials, CEOs of conservation groups, the unemployed, couples struggling to meet mortgages, owners of PR firms, chefs, UH professors, artists, sex workers, realtors, politicians—people of all ages and ethnicities.

On behalf of the Weekly and our dedicated staff,
I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Laurie V. Carlson
Publisher, Honolulu Weekly

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