Dr. Lily Chung

An expert in Chinese astrology peers into the new lunar year

Dr. Lily Chung / Earlier this week, the Weekly spoke with Dr. Lily Chung, a San Francisco-based Fung Shui practitioner and I Ching reader who is well-versed in the cosmic animals of Chinese astrology.

What should we expect from this year of the Tiger?

There are many ways to predict things about the coming year, but most people use cosmic animals.

Tiger years are normally not good in terms of economy. This is because Tiger doesn’t produce anything. They just grab. The Ox year is normally better, because the Ox works. In a Tiger year, this means people fight and compete a lot.

Tiger people in general are not very diligent. Like the animal, they like to get a lot of results with little effort. This is reflected in the Tiger year.

This is based on the evidence. I always favor evidence, because I don’t want people to think I am superstitious. [Chung sent us a long background article she prepared for this new lunar year, which is available on the Weekly’s Web site.]

Who in particular prospers during the year of the Tiger?

Each animal has a natural partner, a friend. The Tiger’s friend is the Pig. Whenever your good friend is in charge, you do well. The Pig will have a real edge this year over other cosmic animals. People will like to work with them, they’ll have a smoother path. If they’re single, by the way, they are ready to form a long-term partnership. Why are you laughing? Are you a Pig?

No, no. We’re actually all dogs here in my department.

That’s nice! Each animal, in addition to their partner, has friends, or teammates. The Tiger’s teammates, the Horse and the Dog, will have a good time this year with their bosses and colleagues.

Who has to worry about the Tiger this year?

The Monkey is the Tiger’s number one enemy, so it will be hard for them. For Monkey people to fend off the Tiger’s attacks, they are better off wearing a figurine of a pig. That will confuse the Tiger into thinking he sees his friend. It works for some people better than others. I know it sounds like superstition and myth, but hey, the figurine costs five bucks. It can’t hurt you.

Some people don’t really want to wear a pig all year, you know–a lot of people don’t like pigs. If you like dogs, wear that instead.

Would it be helpful to actually have a real dog?

Oh yes. Much better. Dogs are getting more attractive cosmically since 2003, and this trend will last another 15 years. That’s why you see more dog treats and very much more strange dog clothes these days.

I have read your theory that Al Gore lost the 2000 presidential race in part because he angered the Dragon during its year. How does that work?

The Grand Duke is the ruling animal, the king for the year. Each animal has a domain on the compass. Nobody’s supposed to face the king, because if you look at the king, you get punished. If the king can’t see you, it can’t punish you.

That year, the grand duke was the Dragon, whose direction is to the southeast. Florida is to the southeast. Al Gore insisted on a recount of the vote. He made the Florida people unhappy, and he made the Dragon unhappy.

Speaking of elections: we are expecting a big race this year between a Horse [Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann] and a Tiger [Congressman Neil Abercrombie]. Who has the edge?

I would say the Horse. Because the Tiger is fighting with another Tiger for the throne. The Tiger is no good.

Any other tips for thriving in the new year?

Whenever you talk to subordinates or have conflicts, always have your back to the Tiger [to the northeast], so that the power is behind you. Keep the Tiger behind you, so your opponent is facing the Tiger.

Keep in mind the vigor and momentum of the Tiger this year.

I also study the I Ching hexagram. Each hexagram rules for one year. The ruling hexagram this year is number eight, which is teamwork. So if you want to succeed this year, don’t do it alone. Get a team. One of the best teams this year is a young man and mature woman. Get your advice from a mature woman. Like me!