Heaven and Hell
From left: Twisted, Tsunami and Ecstasy
Image: Mitchell kuga

Local dominatrixes are ready to give you the business


Tue, Mar 6

Heaven and Hell / Dominatrixes, or doms, are the people in charge of whipping, scratching, nibbling, teasing, pinching, burning and cajoling willing participants at Alter Solum’s monthly BDSM event, Heaven and Hell. In short, they keep the party going. The Weekly sat down with Twisted, 22, Tsunami, 20, and Ecstacy, 25, in preparation for the next Heaven and Hell on Saturday.

How did you get your names?

Twisted: One of my friends, he thought that it was really screwed up and twisted that I’m actually really good looking for a guy dressed up as a girl. Ever since then it stuck as a name.

Tsunami: People think it’s because I’ll hit you hard like a tsunami but it’s loosely based on my favorite anime character. When I’m not at Heaven and Hell, I’m usually referred to as my raver name, Marshmallow, which doesn’t sound very intimidating. It’s funny because I’m the easygoing girl with the cute name–but I’m mean and hurt people.

Ecstacy: I got my name when I was 11. I was living in Australia and a family friend who was learning to be a DJ called me “his little Ecstacy” because every time he saw me I would make him smile. I got my name changed legally at 19.

What’s your persona or style as a dominatrix?

Tsunami: When I started domming at Seventeen’s, I was 15 and couldn’t afford an implement so they handed me a metal yardstick. What started as a joke became my trademark. It’s all bent out of shape now. I always wear cute outfits and I’m more on the cheerful side–like there has to be something wrong with me if I’m this cheerful and a dom.

Twisted: When I’m outside of the club, I’m timid. But when I’m in the club, things get interesting. My thing would be teasing. I like to get a little personal with my clients: Nibbling their ear, biting their neck, running my fingers down their back. I try to entertain both the client and the crowd.

Ecstacy: I don’t know. You’d have to find out for yourself.

Tsunami: Well we’ve decided for her. She’s the most hardcore of all the doms. Everyone’s different with hitting styles but she definitely hits the hardest.

Ecstacy: I like to hear the echo of the slap. Sometimes I just grab a dildo and whack them.

What are some of the biggest misconceptions that people have about dominatrixes?

Ecstacy: Not a lot but a few are like, ‘Can I get anything else?’ And I’m like, ‘What do you think this is? A brothel?’

Tsunami: Another one is that we’re going to tie them up and just hit them until they can’t take it anymore. But it’s sensual. It’s a painful-pleasure experience. We always check what people’s limits are before we start. The safety word is always “stop” unless they think of one themselves.

Ecstacy: We don’t make people bleed. We also check to see if someone is under the influence of any drugs.

Describe the crowd at Heaven and Hell.

Tsunami: An equal amount of men and women. We have a pretty good gay, bisexual crowd. We have a lot of military guys.

Twisted: Oh honey, I would say that 75 percent of our clients are military. I think it’s really an escape. Their lifestyles are so strict that they just want to let loose and be wild and spontaneous. So they go overboard and come here.

Do you consider yourselves professional dominatrixes?

Tsunami: I would say that we’re professional about it. We’re always trying to expand what we know about various types of torture. Hygiene is definitely important. We try to stay as far away from germs as we can. Occasionally we’ll bring out the gloves. We have hand sanitizer.

Do you practice any techniques?

Tsunami: I practice lighting people on fire. I’ll draw lines on people with rubbing alcohol and I make sure it doesn’t burn. It’s actually not dangerous. It’s more for the visual aspect.

Ecstacy: I’ll fill water balloons and if the water leaks, I hit it too hard.

Do you take any precautions?

Ecstacy: You can’t hit the lower back because there are too many organs. The thigh really hurts. People’s favorite spot is probably the center of the back.

Twisted: And the ass.

Tsunami: If you have too much (candle) wax in one area, it’ll burn. The candle shouldn’t have glitter or metallic in it. You should also have a cup of ice cubes on hand to cool it off afterward.

Do you say anything to your clients once you tie them up?

Twisted: The first night I dommed, I had this big local dude. After I tied him up I was like, ‘Hi, my name is Twisted’–[and] yanked his hair–‘Remember it, because you’re going to be screaming it later,’ and then just threw him forward. He loved that.

Ecstacy: It’s just showing them who’s boss. You’d say, ‘What’s your name again?’ And after they tell you it’s like, ‘No! It’s Bitch!’

What’s the best thing about being a dominatrix?

Ecstacy: There’s the feeling of being powerful and sexy at the same time. How can you pass that up? It’s also meeting new people, and meeting friends like them and finding out that they’re family.

Twisted: The greatest thing is after I’m done working on a client, they’ll come up to me and give me a hug and there’s a huge smile on their face.

Do your family and friends know you do this?

Twisted: Well, my dad found my gag ball. My mom probably knows because she found this in my room one day [holds up leather flogger]. She’s like, ‘What the hell is that?’ And I was like, ‘It was a gift.’ The one person who would kill me if she found out is my grandmother.

Tsunami: My parents come once a month to hang out with us. Everyone knows I do it as a hobby.

What can people expect from the next Heaven and Hell?

Ecstacy: The unexpected. Each one is different. If you’re scared, don’t be. We’ll take good care of you, promise. You’ll have a lot of fun.

Tsunami: But not as much fun as we’ll be having.

Alter Solum, 186 N. King St., Sat 3/6, 10pm–6am, $20, $15 if you come dressed in “fantasy” theme, 18+