Loud and Clear Color


Techies live in their own dark world. Whether in the corner of crowded Wi-Fi coffee shops or their mother’s basements (JK!), you often see them zoning out on a mysterious machine wearing a blank expression and the universal Do Not Disturb sign: a set of earphones. Brighten up their offline life with Urbanears, classic vibrant earphones featuring clean and charming Scandinavian designs. Urbanears are collapsible, feature a built-in microphone/recorder and boast their signature instant music-sharing ZoundPlug which allows a friend to plug into your earcap and share the noise. Their popular Plattan model is a padded full size wrap-around headphone made with quilted material and strung up on a fabric cord–it’s more akin to an article of clothing than a piece of hardware. With no patterned logos, their “unbranded” selections help to make a statement all year long.

Available at The Modern Honolulu gift shop, 1775 Ala Moana Blvd., Mon.–Sat. 7am-8pm, Sun. 10am-6pm, $60, [urbanears.com], 943-5800

Super Adorkable Data

USB Flash Drives

We went from floppy drives to Zip disks to flash drives (in the shape of StarWars characters) and thank Santa Claus because the last thing you want is someone to think they were on the naughty list this year if you gift them a personality-less plastic storage device. These great novelty USBs are the perfect techie stocking stuffer. Choose from a retro cassette tape-inspired USB, mini Legos, a bottle opener (yes, a flash drive bottle opener), grenades or a full-size Voltron. Cute overload.

Find your favs at [thinkgeek.com], $19.99–$39.99

Canvas 2.0

Phone, Laptop, iPod Artwork

When you live with something everyday, humans have a desire to make it “individual” and “special.” (Why else do we insist on bumper stickers and designated date nights for married couples?) Because virtually everyone has a cell phone, laptop or iPod, here’s a great way to get a techie something they can’t customize via Best Buy. The GelaSkins catalog allows you to browse artwork from over 100+ artists–tokidoki to Gustav Klimt–or upload your own images to create vinyl stickers and decals for over 100+ devices. For those who can’t wait on Mainland shipping, local artist Holly Kitaura creates her own from original watercolor and acrylic paintings on the island with a local tint.

Check out [gelaskins.com], $11.96–$23.96 For Holly Kitauru’s designs, visit [hollyvision.biz], $4–$14

Kensington Security Laptop Locks

Did you know 97 percent of stolen laptops are never recovered? With laptops becoming the new desktops–portability their core perk–security is increasingly critical. When anchoring them to a desk or table, these Kensington laptop locks may make your techie look a little intense turning their neighborhood Starbucks into Alcatraz, but face it, they already looked kind of intense before that.

Choose from keyed to combination locks at the Apple store, [kensington.com], $29.99