Image: Malia Leinau

Little Shop of Horrors is an expected delight

Theater / It’s the age-old tale of boy meets girl, boy loves girl, but then runs into trouble because of his man-eating plant. Little Shop of Horrors comes to Manoa Valley Theatre and the comedy-musical is a horror hoot.

Operated by two puppeteers, Audrey the alien carnivore looks colorfully and fluffily terrific, and “her” chomping moves are fantastic.

The humans are just as good. Pedro Armando Haro is the lead Seymour–and the veteran performer of the production. (He played Seymour in a UH-Manoa production.) He easily sings and acts his way through the show. Nicholas B. Gianforti makes a smarmy impression as the abusive Orin in his showstopping number, “Be a Dentist.”

Another great MVT show. Go and feed them some attendance!

Manoa Valley Theatre, 2833 E. Manoa Rd., thru 11/27, [], 988-6131