S-E-E It to B-E-L-I-E-V-E It

Nintendo 3DS

This is not your dad’s Nintendo. In fact, it’s not even your Nintendo. With the new Nintendo 3DS we’ve come light years from the portable gaming devices we grew up on as kids. Featuring stellar 3D graphics without special glasses and motion sensor technology, the console has a built-in 3D Depth Slider that allows you to adjust the graphics to your desired intensity–from eye-popping to back-to-basics 2D entirely. With 40 3DS games to choose from, it’s like holding a mini James Cameron-directed Avatar movie in your hands.

Available at Best Buy and GameStop, $169.99

Plug In, Rock Out

iRig Mic and JAM

Branded as the first handheld microphone for your iPhone/iPad, releasing your inner X-Factor just got that much easier with the iRig Mic. Ideal for inspired singer/songwriter musicians, create high fidelity quality sound recordings (no distortion, even in noisy environments) compatible with a variety of apps, some of which are included like VocaLive, AmpliTube and iRig Recorder. On those extra lonely John Mayer nights, hook into JAM–a studio-esque guitar input for iPad, iPhone and Mac–and strum your bromotional heart out all over the LCD page.

Both available at the Apple store, More info on iRig Mic at [ikmultimedia.com], $59.99; More info on JAM at [apogeedigital.com], $99

Move Your Body

Kinect for Xbox 360

A full body gaming controller-free experience, the Kinect is the techie equivalent of yoga and Pilates. It’ll get them out of their chair and using these appendages they possess called “legs.” Let’s remind them this year they have those, okay? With it’s advanced motion detector technology, Kinect will have you manipulating games, watching TV and browsing movies with the wave of a hand. Like Minority Report, except real life.

Find it at GameStop, Best Buy, Target, $99.99–$399