OMG, Honest to Blog?!

Sony Bloggie MP4 Cameras

Everyone has one: The Friend Who Blogs. (Hello, have you met our Weekly socialite Super CW?) This holiday, give that citizen journalist the little tool their WordPress is missing. With the Sony Bloggie MP4 Camera, the budding Ariana Huffington or Matt Drudge in your life can quickly shoot videos on-the-fly guerilla-style in HD. The Bloggie also allows for snapping 5-megapixel photos while recording videos and to share your created-on-the-spot content via Facebook and YouTube in a click. All those features in a device that fits in their pocket? They’ll probably wanna blog about it.

Available at Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart, $99.99

All Bark, No Bite

Electronic Shark Defense System

It’s official: tech is ubiquitous. What was reserved for the invisible airwaves has made its way to, well, actual waves. 3D Innovations engineer and president Collin Kobayashi, in collaboration with veteran Honolulu surfer Wilson Vinano Jr., have brought to market the Electronic Shark Defense System which sends electrical pulses through the ocean confusing the shark’s snout’s electroreceptors if it breaches the 25–30 feet signal range. The ESDS’s size dimensions are 2.6 x 2.3 x 1.0 inches, weighs seven ounces, turns on automatically in the water and lasts up to nine hours per charge. While we’d never recommend frolicking in a hotbed of tiger sharks, it probably wouldn’t hurt to keep the device on foot (just in case). On the ESDS website, a prototype test video shows the gadget dangling next to a bait bag–three of four sharks keeping their distance. But once the device is removed, they get at it harder than a party of five at Sam Choy’s Breakfast, Lunch and Crab buffet. Gnarly.

More info at [3d-innovations.com], $299.95 without surf leash, $335.95 with surf leash

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e-Readers Amazon Kindle Fire or Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet

Tablets and e-Readers are the fastest growing product category in electronics. If you’re looking to strictly just read (with minimal Angry Birds and Hulu in between) check out the new Kindle Fire ($199) and Nook Tablet ($249)–both priced at less than half as much as the cheapest iPad. Akin to Apple’s aesthetic, these two 7” display touch-screen gadgets sport the non-fussiest of designs (iPad notwithstanding). Compare and contrast them side-by-side at your local Best Buy then make your 2011 Sophie’s Choice between the two.

Kindle Fire available at Best Buy Nook Tablet at Barnes & Noble