Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide / Techie Toys & Joys

The techie: one of the hardest humans to gift for. With their e-encyclopedia droid-like knowledge on the latest and greatest electronics, it’s not enough to simply purchase the most popular item on the market–they either already own it, intentionally don’t (as they try to stay ahead of the curve), or to them it’s yesterday’s news.

That’s why the secret to a techie’s heart is in the more overlooked devices. Unless you’ve been tipped off outright exactly what brand/model/make/color of that laptop/camera/camcorder/tablet their hardware’s overheating over this year, making a blind purchasing decision can be a ri$ky one.

In this week’s Weekly gift guide, we suggest enhancing their tech experience with less conventional hardware and gadgets. Here’s a list of a few that might melt their inner wiring this holiday.