Sweat Some Style

Lululemon, HNL Fight Shop, American Apparel

The occasion: “Da Gym.” Between treadmills and bench presses, they won’t really need you to look good, thankfully. But you can still help them in the process. From Brazilian jiu-jitsu to yoga stretches or just plain push-ups and sit-ups, Lululemon, HNL Fight Shop and American Apparel each offer sweat-embracing tops and pants, Arte Suave t-shirts or Rocky Balboa hoodies that don’t mind the burn.

Both at Ala Moana Shopping Center: Lululemon, [lululemon.com], 946-7220 American Apparel, [americanapparel.net], 983-3340 HNL Fight Shop, 631 Keeaumoku St., 943-0919

School Supplies

The Human Imagination, Forever21

The occasion: “Back 2 Skool.” Whether they’re breezing through nine credits or cramming overtime at 18 a semester, a large portion of their day is spent trekking the college campus. Between hauling textbooks and all-nighter Hamilton Library study sessions, items that are comfortable and durable are vital. The Human Imagination and Forever21 have a college cool selection of youthful digs–graphic tees, retro prints, classic bags–without sacrificing fun and style.

The Human Imagination, 1154 Nuuanu Ave., [in4mants.com] Forever21, Ala Moana Shopping Center and Waikiki, [forever21.com]


Crooks & Castles, Levi’s, Patagonia

The occasion: “The Mainland.” Whether they’re doing their annual trip to Vegas or going back to school, there’s a bit of a learning curve when it comes to what to wear in the other 49 states. Boardshorts in 53 degree weather? Talk about a wardrobe malfunction for locals. Patagonia, Crooks & Castles and Levi’s offer a range of unisex heavy-duty jackets that are stylishly cool, without entering frostbite territory. No matter what their final destination, at least they can feel like home. By that, we mean “warm.”

Crooks & Castles, 641 Keeaumoku St., [crooksandcastles.com], 955-7007 Patagonia, 940 Auahi St., [patagonia.com], 593-7502 Levi’s, Ala Moana Shopping Center, [us.levi.com], 944-4090