Beyond the kinky side of getting cuffed.
Image: Fine Art Associates

Jewelry that transcends fashion statement, a sparkling exhibition of Off the Cuff

The show is called Off the Cuff, but the pieces to adorn this part-jewelry showcase, part-art exhibit are anything but offhand, unplanned creations.

“Jewelry doesn’t have to be precious, and it doesn’t have to be just an accessory–it can be the focal point,” says Hifi co-founder Melissa White. “It doesn’t have to live in a drawer, it can be displayed as a piece of art. Off the Cuff is celebrating jewelry that transcends the role of simple adornment and becomes a statement in its own right.”

The Hawaii Fashion Incubator’s Hifi COOP and The Fine Art Associates (FAA) team up to thoughtfully fuse these two worlds–fashion and fine art–by featuring not simply affordably chic accessories or untouchable standalone artwork to be viewed from a glass case distance, but contemporary pieces of “Hawaii-made wearable art” crafted by local artisans that comfortably fit in both categories.

These conversation pieces “at first-glance resonate as sculpture, and make a unique statement in material or construction,” says Marla Momi Musick, the projects and community director of FAA.

Much of that inspiration derives from the emphasis placed on using as many found materials as possible.

“Using objects that are laying around requires a different kind of creative thinking and re-imagining,” says Toby Portner, co-founder of Hifi.

It’s all in line with the organization’s “Use What You Have” theme woven throughout their fall curriculum and overall educational mission of inspiring the local fashion community.

The event is the first collaboration between Hifi COOP and FAA. Together they’re encouraging other artists, designers and interested parties to participate in Hifi COOP’s fashion workshops.

“Our goal was to support the art and design community and to show new work sometimes by students or a different type of work from some of our more established artists,” says Musick.

“While [FAA] will be displaying artists’ finished creations, Hifi will be inspiring the creative process with two workshops on hat-making at their COOP space,” she explains. “Anyone interested in finding their inner milliner or just want to use found materials to make something fun is encouraged to participate.”

Whether purchased at FAA or a DIY creation at COOP, incorporate these unique pieces into your next ensemble and suddenly you’re the exhibit on view.

“Off the Cuff” Wearable Art show, exhibit opens 10/20, tentative run through mid-December, with activities starting now:
The Fine Art Associates, Ward Industrial Center, 1020 Auahi St., Ste 4010, [fineartassociates.com]
Hifi COOP, Ward Warehouse, 1050 Ala Moana Blvd., second floor above T&C Surf, [hawaiifashion.org]