Phoney Art?


Art / There’s an art show covering the walls at Fishcake that features photographs taken every day for 366 days in a row, by Ivan Wentland using only an iPhone. It seems like smart phones are quickly becoming more like cameras that we occasionally talk into, and we shoot, process and upload more photographs via our cell phones than any other camera, but it’s time to ask if these photographs are worthy of artistic status.

Web Exclusive
Food & Drink

Savory Stage Presents

Food & Drink / Chefs are the new athletes, with confidence bordering on cockiness. Chef Robert Irvine of Wiltshire England, and host of the Food Network’s Restaurant: Impossible, is no exception.

Hashtagging Hawaii

The paradox with shooting photos on Instagram in Hawaii is that Hawaii itself is already basically an Instagram filter. Like, really, what added effect will “Walden” have on “This Is What Mountains and Waterfalls Already Look Like To Your Naked Eyes Here,” right?

The Origins of “Shaloha”

Hawaii’s largest synagogue, following the election of a new board president, is looking to oust Peter Schaktman, their rabbi of seven years, allegedly for his sexual orientation. In light of the recent scuffles at board meetings, “rabbi wars” and the dwindling number of attending families (60 out of 230 defecting in the past year)that have been reported at Temple Emanu-El, Hawaii’s Jewish community may be waxing nostalgic for simpler days.

Consequence of Sound

As the former frontman of hardcore punk bands Black Flag and Rollins Band, Henry Rollins is best-known for his caustic lyrics and an intense, raw delivery of opinions. The outspoken activist hosts a weekly program on the public radio station KCRW and performs spoken word events, or “talking shows,” all over the world, averaging more than 100 shows a year for the last 28 years.

Stay Young, Go Dancing

Fifteen years ago, up in Bellingham, Wash., Ben Gibbard started the alternative-rock band he dubbed Death Cab for Cutie, while in Honolulu, some of us were too young to know much about music beyond what we heard on Krater 96. Fast-forward to 2012: DCfC has released seven albums, including their latest, Codes and Keys, and been nominated for multiple Grammy Awards for hits such as “I Will Possess Your Heart.” They’ve certainly won ours.

Peace Man– “I Am Tutu!”

Having visited Hawaii years before, Archbishop Desmond Tutu returned to Honolulu last week to give an engaging series of talks at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Cathedral.


The Devil Wears Promo


Theater / Let’s start with what you think you know. Your opinion about rail?

The Boys of Waialee

Between Kahuku and Waialua, the rubble of a looming territorial-age building leans exhaustedly on the property where Crawford’s Convalescent Home now resides. Trade winds spill into what’s left of its four concrete walls, and the mountain ridgeline travels through each open hole, making landscape paintings out of rows of rectangular voids.

Going Deep

What happens when three regular men get the opportunity to break free from ordinary life by accepting a series of challenges and adventures in Hawaii for 10 days? Bumps, bruises and possibly a few tears, thanks to local legends Dave Kalama, big wave rider and SUP surfing pioneer; Archie Kalepa, renowned big wave surfer and ocean safety waterman; Bear Woznick, champion tandem surfer and author; Kimi Werner, champion spearfisher; Buzzy Kerbox, tow-in surfing pioneer; shaper Bret Marumoto and raw surf talent Tamayo Perry.


He Built It, They’re Coming


Architecture / “It’s difficult to guess where students will actually hang out,” admits veteran Honolulu architect John Hara as we walk onto the Central Plaza of his brand-new University of Hawaii-West Oahu campus near Kapolei, set to start its first semester of classes on August 20. He should know.

The Hunger Games

If Kimi Werner were a fish, she’d be an ‘uku (jobfish, a.k.a. grey snapper).

4th of July

4th Of July 4th of July 21st Annual Fourth of July Spectacular On Independence Day, witness Hawaii’s largest fireworks display, sponsored by Ala Moana Center. The free fireworks spectacular, launched from Ala Moana Beach Park from three different platforms, will begin at 8:30pm.

Iconique Fashion

The difference between Waikiki-style aloha wear and native Hawaiian hula-inspired designs is the difference between a pineapple mai tai and a cup of ‘awa. Both are strongly associated with Hawaii, but only one creates a natural buzz.


A Reel at the End of the Rainbow


Film / Change is in the air, with #GayIsOkay trending on Twitter and President Barack Obama having “come out” with a public endorsement of same-sex marriage. Even hip-hop’s own commander-in-chief, Jay-Z, recently defended the community, equating the cause with a civil right and calling its legalization “the right thing to do.” With all this outpouring of support–except for your party foul, North Carolina!–the timing couldn’t be better for the 23rd Annual Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival, slated for its weekend run this May 31 through June 3.


The Voice


Entertainment / The Hawaii Pops: Jimmy Borges, 5/31, 7pm, Blaisdell Concert Hall Kenny Loggins, 6/10, 7pm, Waikiki Shell Vertical Horizon, 6/24, 7pm, Waikiki Shell For tickets call 593-9468 The Hawaii Pops are taking it from the top, newly refitted in their first voyage out of dry-dock. Back at the helm is director Matt Catingub, who pulled together a very cool season on short notice.


Georgia’s Hawaii


Entertainment / Whenever American artist Georgia O’Keeffe is brought to mind, a whirring, pastel-colored carousel of images arise–I see animal skulls suspended in sky, luscious flowers, New Mexico, feathers, churches, barns and more bones. Less aware of O’Keeffe’s deep affinity for the Islands of Hawaii, I found the book Georgia O’Keeffe’s Hawaii to be a unique, delightful glimpse into a lesser-explored chapter of the radiant, sometimes rebellious artist’s life.

A small exhibition of big local works

Now on view at Spalding House (the former Contemporary Art Museum), the art that composes “Biennial of Hawaii Artists X” demands a very few minutes of viewing time. You can see the exhibition in 20 minutes without hurrying.

Yes, Can Do

Hiki No, the nation’s first student news network that began in February of last year, translates to “Can Do” in Hawaiian. It’s a befitting title for a network just over a year old that’s now assembled more than 70 participating public, private and charter schools.

Trees of the Future

Films like The Lorax have made sustainability and talking trees seem feasible. Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods (HLH), a business focusing on the sustainable production of tropical hardwoods and the preservation of forests, makes these fantasies a reality.

At the Symphony, strings, but not the usual ones

The finale of the Hawaii Symphony’s inaugural season approaches, with three brilliant programs remaining. This week, Cuban-born guitarist Manuel Barrueco plays Joaquin Rodrigo’s sublime Concierto de Aranjuez and Toru Takemitsu’s To the Edge of Dream.

The Kids Are All Waititi

Taika Waititi’s Boy has become Aotearoa’s highest-grossing local film, a timeless look at a world oft-overlooked in current cinema: indigenous local life. Shot in his remote hometown of Waihau Bay and now on the brink of an American theatrical release funded through Kickstarter, this tale of childhood hits the kindred shores of Hawaii.

Grow Hawaiian Festival

Plan to attend the Grow Hawaiian Festival and celebrate Hawaii’s culture and environment. Presented by Hawaiian Electric Company on Saturday, April 28, from 9am to 3pm, at Bishop Museum, the festival offers creative activities for the whole family: View the displays of traditional Hawaiian crafts handmade by well-known artisans.

Creative History, Complex Characters

In Sean T.C. O’Malley’s latest play, Robert William Kalanihiapo Wilcox is depicted in the latter part of his career, as the first Hawaiian delegate to congress.

Guys Gone Wilde

It has been said of The Importance of Being Earnest, Oscar Wilde’s most famous comedy, that the first act is genius, the second beautiful and the third abominably clever. Wilde delivered this verdict himself but that shouldn’t invalidate the judgment: Earnest is a play for the ages, one of the wittiest ever written and an absolute joy to hear and to behold; although, a trifle less so at a second night performance.

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